We love teenagers!

The student ministry of EBBC is about helping students connect with Jesus Christ- to the glory of God! We desire to encourage, equip, and assist parents to be the primary spiritual leaders of their teenagers. We are evangelistic, sharing the Gospel with area teens- not necessarily only those who come through our doors. Christian students are regularly encouraged and trained to become disciples of Jesus, not content with merely attending services or events. We want Christian teenagers to understand they are not only the church of tomorrow- they are an important part of the church today.

Sunday School Connection Groups for Teens

Each Sunday morning at 9:45am all the teenagers meet in the Youth Room.  Most mornings we share a little light breakfast together, catch up on the week, and then hear about what’s coming down the pipe at EBBC.  After that we divide up into classes for the remainder of our time.  The classes break down like this:

  • 7th-9th grade girls : taught by Carolyn Earnest
  • 10th-12th girls : taught by Amy Martin
  • 7th-8th grade boys : taught by Brad Boren
  • 9th-10th grade boys : taught by Peyton Houston
  • 11th-12th guys : taught by Mike Wright

The Mix : 6:15pm Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday night at 6:15 teenagers gather in the Youth Room for a time of Jesus centered worship. We call it The Mix. Why? Good question.  Here’s how a typical night at The Mix goes:

6pm The Youth Room is open.  Come hang out for a bit.

6:15pm everyone meets in the Youth Room for our opening.

6:20pm Sr. High are dismissed to the 2nd floor for “talk time”. This is where they will open up scriptures & dig out meaning- not listen to a talking head. There will be a conversation guide but students lead this time of applying God’s Word.  During this same time the Jr. High students are upstairs getting the main teaching time (usually from Ed, the youth minister).

6:50pm SWITCH! Sr. High students go upstairs to the Youth Room for their main teaching time while Jr. High students filter down to the 2nd floor for “talk time”.  It’s mass chaos but the students don’t seem to mind.

7:10pm Everyone meets back upstairs in the Youth Room for a time of worship, response, & tying the night together.

Now THAT’S why we call it The Mix!